At Lightway Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer LumiBrite® Whitening, a revolutionary new whitening technique that can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth by several shades. One of the best parts of the LumiBrite Chairside Whitening System is that it takes less than an hour and results are immediate.

How does LumiBrite work?

LumiBrite uses a scientifically formulated gel that reacts when activated by light that penetrates the teeth to remove discoloration and stains.

Is LumiBrite safe?

LumiBrite works without the use of harmful ultraviolet rays and is safe for your health. The LumiBrite system also reduces tooth sensitivity that can be experienced when using other whitening methods.

Does Lightway Family Dentistry offer take-home whitening kits?

Yes, Dr. Glenn Edens is happy to prescribe an at-home whitening plan that is convenient for you. The dentist will provide you with a professionally fitted whitening tray that is unique to your mouth.

LumiBrite whitening can make your teeth nine shades whiter after just two weeks of using LumiBrite for three minutes per day. The gel is offered in multiple flavors in order to satisfy your preferences.

For more information about teeth whitening in Easley, South Carolina, please call our office to schedule a consultation and ask how professional whitening can add brilliance to your smile!